An ode to Italy

Leggi in italiano This post is dedicated to the Italian people who lost everything in the earthquake of 24th August 2016 I just shared on my FB wall a post I wrote last… Continue reading

A place we call home

Leggi in italiano When summer starts and we feel the holidays approaching, my family begins to exchange messages about our home in Tuscany. We can’t help it. Simple, short messages that express our… Continue reading

Lido Vieri

Leggi in italiano I warn you: this post won’t make sense to many of you, and I can’t tell you why I write it. It’s personal and contains boring moments of my past.… Continue reading


Leggi in italiano A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I spent a week-end in an exclusive resort in Bali, a place we would have never set foot in, had we not… Continue reading

We are this kind of parents

Leggi in italiano Through my career as a parent, I have occasionally heard that me and my husband are too protective, too closely linked to our children, always pending on them. That we… Continue reading

Of coffee, parking in Jakarta, and Indonesians’ resistance to change

Leggi in italiano If I had a working contract here, my contacts with the Indonesian culture would be frequent, deeper and far more interesting. As it is, I have to understand the underlying… Continue reading

I vent’anni di Luz

Ora che il mio bookclub si è riunito e ha discusso in lungo e in largo, posso parlare liberamente di questo stupendo romanzo, I vent’anni di Luz, dell’argentina Elsa Osorio. Ho letto il… Continue reading

A son’s ode to his mother

Leggi in italiano When Mattia sent me what he had written in response to my “Ode to my sons”, and told me I could do what I wanted with it, I thought long… Continue reading


Leggi in italiano Today it’s Mother’s Day in many countries, and I want to take a moment to salute all mothers who have lost their children. I have come in contact with a… Continue reading

On Facebook

Leggi in italiano A while ago we had some friends over for dinner, and the umpteenth discussion on Facebook. Me and a woman friend were defending it, our husbands were skeptical. This gave… Continue reading

The power of ideas

Leggi in italiano If you have subscribed to my newsletter, in the next one you will read about a couple of ideas I had recently. Were I to tell you all the ideas… Continue reading

A meaningful life abroad

Leggi in italiano A few days ago, here in Jakarta, my husband and one of his colleagues of the Indonesian Red Cross gave a talk about the Red Cross Movement. I love this… Continue reading

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