How sweet it is to be loved by you

Leggi in italiano ***WARNING…CHEESY POST*** A couple of weeks ago I got very sick. I was evacuated to Singapore with a severe Dengue fever. I usually do not worry about my health because… Continue reading

My latest project

Leggi in italiano Did you know that besides being called “the woman of contacts”, I am named “the woman of projects”? This is why I cannot live without listening to the multitude of… Continue reading

Make more time for reading

Leggi in italiano I admit I am becoming a bit paranoid. I am obsessed by books – I want to read more and more of them, my wish list grows thicker everyday, everywhere… Continue reading

Home, Ritorno a casa

Leggi in italiano I am so happy I decided to join the Literature Study Group of the Indonesian Heritage Society. If I hadn’t, today I would not have read the amazing novel by… Continue reading

Three years of coaching

Leggi in italiano A few days ago, Linkedin reminded me that I have been practicing as a coach for three years. I had actually added to my profile the date of the graduation… Continue reading

I miss my fellow adventurers

Leggi in italiano As I have repeatedly explained, I did not feel a complete connection to Jakarta until I decided to win my fear and drive my car to move around. Since I… Continue reading

Il mio corso non finisce lì

Quest’anno ho finalmente il tempo di promuovere il mio corso come si deve. Di solito, infatti, per una serie di motivi sono di fretta, decido le date all’ultimo momento, e il tempo per… Continue reading

Goodbye, Guillermo

Leggi in italiano I wish I never had to write this post. This morning while I was stuck in traffic, I fumbled through my stock of cds, and found Pobre Marinero, my favourite… Continue reading

Driving in Jakarta

Leggi in italiano My friends here in Jakarta admire me because I own and drive my car in this crazy city, where the wide majority of expats use a driver. Apart from my… Continue reading

An ode to Italy

Leggi in italiano This post is dedicated to the Italian people who lost everything in the earthquake of 24th August 2016 I just shared on my FB wall a post I wrote last… Continue reading

A place we call home

Leggi in italiano When summer starts and we feel the holidays approaching, my family begins to exchange messages about our home in Tuscany. We can’t help it. Simple, short messages that express our… Continue reading

Lido Vieri

Leggi in italiano I warn you: this post won’t make sense to many of you, and I can’t tell you why I write it. It’s personal and contains boring moments of my past.… Continue reading

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