¡Vaya año!

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I love all endings because they mean new beginnings. Sometime they are also the occasion to stop and reflect on one’s achievements, goals, etc. The only thing I feel coming from my heart today, the last day of this 2014, is WHAT A YEAR! I have probably gone through more intense years in the past, but this feels closer and all the events that occurred are fresh, and their consequences still very much present.

I changed country. I left Palestine (somehow I thought this would never happen) and moved to Jakarta, a wholly new, definitely fascinating adventure, an environment where I face totally different challenges from the ones I knew in Jerusalem.

My family was scattered all over the globe in ways that never happened before with such geographical fantasy: while Mattia and I were in Jerusalem, Alessandro was firstly in Paris, then in Thailand, Japan, Italy, and then Indonesia. We saw Giorgio come and go – to Cuba, Haiti, Italy, and then Indonesia. Mattia moved to England, and then joined us – in Indonesia – for Christmas. He is now in France to see his friends and start the new year with them. I was in Italy almost two months with my original family, while my men were miles away.

Mattia quit home – he now studies in England. We spent the first part of this year in Jerusalem, me and him, to allow him to pass his bac there, and this period will always have a very special place my heart.

We had our fabulous party in Tuscany, something that only happens every three years, and which was THE event this summer – I wrote about it here – and gave us a chance to reconnect to friends from all over, a real treat.

Alessandro found an internship in Jakarta, so after four years outside the nest, he is now temporarily back with us – another interesting and uplifting family experience.

My professional life had unexpected and definitely positive turns – when we go to parties now, people show more interest in my work than in my husband’s, something I never thought could happen in my whole life. I can now answer the fatidical question with barely controlled satisfaction. And it feels super 🙂

We started to remake Expatclic from scratch, a strenuous work that will take us well into 2015, and welcomed two new team members (by the way, Expatclic still holds the record of what fills me most with passion, ever). We also launched, for my absolute delight, the Expatclic library, a long-wished project that saw precious Anna and Alessandra working as a fabulous duo to get it ready for the deadline we had fixed.

And, on a sadder note, we lost two dear friends. One actually passed away in 2013, but we just found out this year – which made me think a lot about life, death and distance.

Also, I just found out that the UN Security Council has rejected the resolution on the Palestinian state. While this does not surprise me, it fills me nonetheless with bitterness and makes me lose hope in the future of the world as an equally shared space. And if there is something I wish all of you for this new year which is about to start, is to never stop seeking justice and respect, and this includes taking time to really understand what is happening in Palestine and what Palestinians are enduring. If there is anything I can do to help you on this, please let me know. I will also find time and motivation to add my little voice to the silenced one of the Palestinians. I can’t think of a better way to honor the year that is about to end.

Happy 2015 everyone!


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