Gabbiani copyI sat down today uncertain about what I wanted to write about. I just finished a book that I’d like to share with you, but I am also tempted to talk about coaching, which I have not done on the blog for a while now. I am almost over with my creative writing course, which could be another interesting topic, and I am about to launch a new course to build a portable career, and I might use a bit of visibility. Still, there is one thing that I can’t get off my mind and that pushes to be shared. It is the image of a friend who is talking to me on Skype and suddenly hides his face in his hands – long enough to make me understand that he is not simply caressing his face, as we all do when we are tired or perplexed, but that he is actually crying. And then he stands up and storms into another room screaming, and disappears. I stay there, frantically trying to chose the most appropriate thing to do. Had I been physically with him, I would have probably followed him to give him a hug. Miles away and through a screen, I really did not know what to do. I raised my voice and told him to come back, and then waited, letting the pain and the powerfulness of seeing him like that seep in. He came back quickly, his composure regained, and we talked the situation over. He went back to his ordinary self, but inside I was shaken and upset by a myriad of feelings. Well after we had said goodbye, the memory of what had just happened kept coming back – I fell asleep with it and thought about it when I opened my eyes this morning. Besides the obvious sorrow of seeing my friend suffering like that, there are two things that I keep on turning in my head and that give me hope. The first one is that this was the first time I finally saw him express his feelings in other ways than with words. The second one is that I am touched and moved that he chose to do it with me. But even beyond this, there is another powerful thought that fills me this morning and raises my spirits. It’s the idea that despite distance, despite living in different countries and concentrating on our private routines, we can stay connected if we want. I was overjoyed when I realized that my friend had turned to me in this dire moment, and felt him as close as I had never done before. Blessed be the Internet for changing our lives the way it has. And blessed be my friend, and all the amazing people who allow me to be part of their lives, filling mine with meaning and love.


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