Inews-634808_640 am utterly fascinated by people who express acidity in their human interactions. A couple of days ago we sent out the newsletter of Expatclic, as we do every month. I am sure you all have subscribed to one or more newsletters in your life. You probably love some of them more than others, while some are no longer of interest to you. I guess in the latter case, you do like most people do: click the unsubscribe tab and take that newsletter off your list.

Well, the guy that wrote the other day upon receiving our newsletter (whose nationality I won’t reveal 🙂 ) chose a different approach: He sent us a mail message that said:

“As I am very complaisant, I authorize you to no longer send me such flat messages”

I have to be sincere: I was hurt. I know for a fact that at Expatclic these kinds of nasty remarks and generally aggressive and polemic interactions do not find their place. In ten years, we have probably had two or three cases of quarreling and aggressive behaviours, which we managed to quickly solve. This statement sounded so out of place coming from someone who had decided to join our community. And that’s the other point: no one ever asked the man to subscribe to our newsletter, nor put him on our list without consent (we never do that, of course). He chose to subscribe, and if he did, I suppose he knew (at least roughly) that Expatclic deals with issues linked to life abroad.

So here is the newsletter, and I went through it again and again to really see where is the “flatness” he refers to. I honestly could not find it. But even if I had, I found his approach most bizarre. Why did he chose to express himself so nastily? Had our newsletter really provoked such indignation in him, and why?

I came to the conclusion that the poor chap probably has some personal issues that make him unhappy, and needed to vent his frustration on something. I had a good laugh with my colleague, and took him off the list with a big sense of relief: I love it that my list is made up of nice, respectful people, who do not use their acidity for a senseless mortification of others’ genuine passions and deeds. So in the end he made us a favour.


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  1. Karo ha detto:

    My dear Claudia,

    Don’t worry, really. Recently I posted a message on Sergio’s facebook wall and somebody who saw and talked to us less than 3 times in our life began to comment this message in a very disrespectful way (towards me), saying basically that Sergio was a gift and I didn’t deserve him… This person is a quite old woman, so you, the acidity (or silliness) of a person doesn’t depend on his/her sex, age, country,… but only on the way he/she is and his/her wanting to be bad with others. a big hug to you from Barcelona 🙂


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