TravelingI love traveling – well, who doesn’t? I love planning, living the moment, observing and discovering. And sharing, of course. I never particularly loved traveling on my own because for me part of the joy of discovering new places comes from sharing my impressions with others, and listening to their feelings.

I recently traveled to Japan with my husband and son. It  had been a while since our last trip (I am not counting our holidays in Tuscany, where the only thing we discover is the confirmation of how deeply we love the place 🙂 ), and I really enjoyed being on the road with them in such a different environment. Then some beloved friends came to visit from Jerusalem, and together we traveled to Ubud, in Bali, an enchanting place full of beautiful sceneries, temples, lovely people and lots of things to do.

Traveling2I enjoyed every single moment of both trips. Being away from the Internet and the online work was refreshing. Realizing once again how lucky I am, living in yet another continent to discover, made me feel grateful and happy. The cheerful energy that came from sharing discoveries, both with my family and my friends, made me feel physically fit after so many weeks of not being 100% in good shape. I slept well, especially in Ubud, knowing my friends were resting in the rooms besides mine and in such a silent and relaxing place. I discovered so many things I had no idea existed, especially in Japan, which is such an amazing experience, and for days my eyes were full of new and exciting things and beautiful landscapes.

There’s also another part of traveling which makes me love it so much. Whenever I come back after any kind of trip, I feel closer to my life and home, to my routine, happy to get back to it, and motivated to structure things and live more deeply. I order books, call friends, plan new activities and clean my studio. The memory of the trip fills me and accompanies me in everything I do, and adds to the baggage of life experience I have had so far. It makes my love for life and the world grow even more.


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