Five things I see all the time

I don’t know when a repeated habit becomes a tendency and honestly I don’t even care. I also don’t know if what I experience can be generalized, or it is just me who attracts a certain kind of people who have specific attitudes and needs. There are, however, some behaviours and repeated…tendencies in many persons I get in touch with, that I can’t help but noticing – sometimes without judging, others in bewildered surprise. I want to share some of the things I notice more and more, and if you have any thought on them, please feel free to share:

1. Everybody wants to be a coach. Ok, this is not surprising. Coaching is (still) an unregulated profession, that allows you to gain good money, to get trained in a relatively short time, and to work from wherever you are, and possibly wherever you are. I get more and more messages from people who tell me they want to become coaches and ask for my advice. All sorts of people. Of all ages, all horizons, and with all kinds of jobs.

2. Everybody wants to write or has written a book. Again, nothing new nor surprising. It is actually sort of nice that so many people resort to writing as a means of expression. It’s just that when I was young, only writers wrote books, or people who really had a deep knowledge in a precise field. Today, you can expect anyone to write a book – from the teacher to the housewife, from the taxi driver to the expat, from the student to the engineer. Well, if this means that the human race has gained confidence in its skills, good for us!

3. When people ask you (at least me) something, they are always under the most dreadful pressure and hurry – they must get a contact in a place soon, they must have that specific information because they need it for their work, they must know how to become a coach quickly because they have to take a decision. When you (I) hurriedly find time to answer, to send infos and tips, or contacts, most of the time they disappear (see next point), and if they don’t, they generally tell you that in the end they will take a bit more time to think, or that the scenario has changed (in the course of one day, generally) but thank you anyway, or that they already got contacts from other sources, so they already know everything there is to know. Ok.

4. People rarely say thank you. I promise I am not paranoid or overly formal. This is a fact. Out of ten people who ask me for all sorts of information, only an average of three writes back even only with a simple “thank you”. Most of the time, my detailed messages are followed by an absolute and prolonged silence. I always write again after a while – I like to think that maybe my message was swallowed by the immensity of the net and did not reach them – and I invariably get to know that yes, my message had been received, but they were too busy to write back, anyway thank you very much

5. Something similar happens (albeit rarely, luckily) with my work: I get contacted by people who want to start a coaching programme; we start the usual up and down of messages, exchanging information, tariffs, convenient times, and when the moment comes to fix the first meeting (which, by the way, is always free, as I insist people try a session before actually take up the programme), they disappear. They vanish. Swallowed by the universe. Maybe they die? Who would tell me if someone I know so little had died? Yes, most certainly they have died!

I could probably go on, but since I started this post a long time ago, I think it’s better to publish it before the tendencies I described revert, and I find myself to be the only coach on the planet 🙂





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  1. Chiara Tavecchio ha detto:

    Mi piacerebbe leggerlo, ma io non so l’inglese, non c’è tradotto in Italiano? Ciao bella Chiara


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